Ascend™ by American Olean

Natural Stone |SKU# L102212MCRV1U

With white and gray color tones, linear veining, rectangles, and planks, Ascend™ translates the most distinctive design trends of today into an exquisite natural stone product. Featuring two marbles and two limestones, Ascend delivers a captivating mix of color movement and finishes. Contemporary mosaics further distinguish this line and include hexagons, modern stacked stone, leaf, and chevron shapes.

Color: Gray Virtue Chair Rail (Honed)
  • Candid Heather (Honed And Polished)
  • Candid Heather Chair Rail (Honed And Polished)
  • Candid Heather Chevron Mosaic
  • Candid Heather Hexagon Mosaic
  • Candid Heather Leaf Mosaic
  • Candid Heather Pencil Rail (Honed And Polished)
  • Candid Heather Random Modern Stack Mosaic
  • Gray Virtue (Honed)
  • Gray Virtue Chair Rail (Honed)
  • Gray Virtue Chevron Mosaic
  • Gray Virtue Hexagon Mosaic
  • Gray Virtue Leaf Mosaic
  • Gray Virtue Pencil Rail (Honed)
  • Gray Virtue Random Modern Stack Mosaic
  • Honest Greige (Honed)
  • Honest Greige Chair Rail (Honed)
  • Honest Greige Chevron Mosaic
  • Honest Greige Hexagon Mosaic
  • Honest Greige Leaf Mosaic
  • Honest Greige Pencil Rail (Honed)
  • Honest Greige Random Modern Stack Mosaic
  • Open Horizon (Honed And Polished)
  • Open Horizon Chair Rail (Honed And Polished)
  • Open Horizon Chevron Mosaic
  • Open Horizon Hexagon Mosaic
  • Open Horizon Leaf Mosaic
  • Open Horizon Pencil Rail (Honed And Polished)
  • Open Horizon Random Modern Stack Mosaic
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American Olean
Product Line
Gray Virtue Chair Rail (Honed)
Field Tile
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